Why Edge Divorce?

Often when clients of the Edge Law Firm are facing criminal charges, a family law case will follow. This is especially true in child abuse or child neglect cases when you will be charged criminally and DHS will conduct its own investigation to determine whether it is safe for the children to remain in your custody. Or if you are going through a custody battle and you get a DUI: this one mistake can cost you your reputation and potentially your job, your job, but it can also be used against you in family court to show you are not a fit parent and should not have custody of your children.

As a strictly criminal defense firm, we did not like having to send our clients to other firms for their family law cases. We have no control over how other attorneys handle their cases. We don’t want your rights to get lost in translation.

We founded Edge Divorce in 2016. We are proud to offer more legal services to our clients and know that in doing so, we are doing all that we can to get the best possible outcome in every stage of your legal matter.