Fee Schedule

Initial Consultations

Edge Divorce provides 30 minutes of free consultations. Any additional time is charged at $200 per hour at 1/10 hour increments. To save time and money, you may choose to fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form prior to your initial consultation.

Flat Fee Cases

Edge Divorce offers a flat fee for certain uncontested family law cases. We may not be able to offer a flat fee if there are any special circumstances or concerns regarding your case.

Uncontested Legal Guardianship of a Minor – $1,000 plus any filing fees

Uncontested Adoption – $1,250 plus any filing fees

Protective Orders – $750 for the initial hearing and $300 for each additional hearing

Hourly Fee Cases

Edge Divorce requires an initial retainer fee for all non-flat fee family law cases. The initial retainer usually ranges between $900 – $2,500. The most common retainer agreements include the following:

Divorce without minor children – $1,000 – $1,750

Divorce with minor children – $1,500 – $2,000

Post-Decree Modifications – $1,000

Emergency Custody Proceedings – $1,000

Paternity suits – $1,250

DHS Investigations – $900

Deprived Child Proceedings – $1,000

The initial retainer fee is deposited into a client trust account and our family law attorney bills against the balance in the trust account. If there are no funds left in the client’s trust account, the client can either pay another retainer or pay the bill each month.

Of course, every case is different and these numbers are intended to serve as a guideline. For more information regarding our fees and how they might be applied to your case, please contact Edge Divorce today